A wardrobe, some may call it an "armoire". It is a standing closet where you can store your clothes. In the early periods the wardrobe was a chest or it was like a big box or container. But it was not able to provide some degree of luxury that would be necessary in royal castles and palaces of powerful obles that divide accommodation which was provided for costly apparel of the great person.

Nowadays the name, wardrobe is given to the room in that the space of wall was filled by lockers and cupboards or by drawers which is a comparatively modern invention. From these lockers and cupboards the new style wardrobe with it's sliding drawers and shelves, hanging spaces, evolved slowly.

Have look at the picture gallery of various types of wardrobe designs and choose one according to your needs and taste.Browse through our favourite modular modern wardrobe systems to suit your space and spend – whether you want clean lined wardrobes with sliding doors or curvaceous contemporary wardrobe designs that slink around a bend.

Wardrobe varieties include door-less wardrobes, sliding doorwardrobes, glass door wardrobes etc... wardrobes also can be used to display things like ornamentsbooks, show-pieces etc... A wardrobe is a must in every room of your home, a display wardrobe in your living room, a utensil storage in kitchen, a clothing wardrobe in dressing room... Wardrobe closets are not just small private hidden spaces for old clothes to retire. They are an excellent and artistic way to display your taste for modern and stylish furniture. Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years into more user friendly and attractive pieces of furniture.

When installing a wardrobe, select one that is made from the finest materials. If you are installing new wardrobes in your home, you have options like a built in wardrobe or a custom designed one. A custom designed wardrobe is preferable as it will ensure that each inch of your room is used in the best possible way. But built in wardrobes provide considerably more storage space and properly designed built in wardrobes can prove to be most cost effective.

On this page you will find wardrobe design for you bedroom area in your home. Just click on any of the bedroom wardrobe picture below to see the actual bigger version.